WE ARE OPEN AT THE BEACH 2022 !   By Bob & Dorie Sheldon.
Our beach journey began in 1995, purchasing the EMERALD APARTMENTS (4 units). In 2015, the Emerald was completely renovated into family rental.  Bob & I own Mister Renovator, a construction company in Virginia, which allowed us to renovate our properties at the beach. Our Best Deal Weekly Rental $1548.00, Fri/Sun $750., 3 nights $1100., 4 nights $1300.

In 2004, Robins Nest Family Apartments (4 units) was aquired and continued family rentals. We now occupy the 2 bottom apartments at Robin's Nest for ourselves and family. The 2 upper units continue to do family rentals mid May to mid October. 

Each apartment is 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartments, full kitchens, living area, A/C, W/D, Wifi,  onsite parking, private porch/deck between Robins Nest & The Emerald. These family owned and operated are clean and affordable. We are dog friendly with fee.


Doriesheldon@verizon.net  703-819-7515 cell/text welcoming
Bobsheldon@verizon.net 703-819-7400 cell/text welcoming